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Children Of The Black Rain.

A poem by Monica Donner age 13.
After her friend Danny was shot in the head
by the long barrel of an unidentified rifle.

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One morn when all the children
Had gone outside to play
The sky that held above them
Was turning blackish grey
The children looked in terror
The screaming soon began
The rain fell down upon them
It rained in every land
The children ran for shelter
And locked their doors up tight
The black rain would not hurt them
Or take away their white
From outside they heard crying
Of children in the black
And knew they didn't make it
And never could come back.
Those children always lived there
And always they would be
They'd live their lives a'swiming
Or drown inside the sea.

The End.

Gawd my life has been sunshine and roses hasn't it?
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