I wanted to destroy something beautiful. (utenasama) wrote,
I wanted to destroy something beautiful.

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Why not ask why?

I have a few questions.

For instance ...

Why is it 'Motherfucker' and not Fatherfucker? Is this all Oedipal? Or is it Kentuckian?

Why did people really vote for Bush? Was it some kind of rebelious sex joke that backfired?

If today was yesterday's tomorrow, then what is tomorrow's today?

Is there a difference between dwarfs and midgets?

Why is there a need for indoor/outdoor carpeting? Like astroturf insn't good enough for some people?

When we have an earthquake, don't we really have an areaquake? The whole earth doesn't participate, now does it?

If hindsight is 20/20, we should be able to see it clearly, don't ya think?

Finally, skinnydipping should be called fatdipping, it's our ass fat that allows us to float, isn't it?

I hate watching old Court TV after the shots kick in.
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